Our Services



Lost your keys or just moved into a new place? Rekey your locks instead of buying new ones. This can be a great cost effective way to update your locks.

Key Copying

Prevent losing your only key and make a copy or two so you always have a backup.

Door Prep/Install

Want to install a new lock in a old door? We can prep your door for any lock no matter the material your door is made of. This is a great way to increase your security at an affordable price.

Hinge Doctor

Have old hinges? With our hinge doctor we can adjust your hinges to make your door swing properly. This is great way to help you maintain your door, frame, and lock for longer.

Key Engraving

Have an old key with no information? Get your key engraved with anything you would like. This can help tell you what key goes to what and even tell the locksmith what cuts the key has.

Drill/Cut Lock

In the case of emergencies or an old broken lock we can drill and cut through any lock for easy access with no damage to what you are trying to secure.