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Today's locksmiths do so much more than cut keys and rekey locks.  We can do most things from making a new key to fit a lock to proving a high-security master key and access control management system for large complexes. Call us today and ask how we can help.



Your home is your castle and it should be treated as such. We can help to make your windows and doors incredibly secure. We can not only provide high quality locks but we can make your doors and windows stronger, strong enough to stop forceful entry by people with bad intentions.  Additionally we can rekey your locks so that all entrances can use the same key. If you suspect someone has a copy of your key who shouldn't have, we can rekey your locks and provide you with new keys and that is almost always a much more affordable option than replacing all the locks.


 In addition to providing high quality locks, master key systems, access control, emergency exit/panic bars and many other devices, we can help with maintenance and upgrades to your existing system. Commercial doors and locks get high traffic/high use. That takes a toll on all mechanical devices. We can readjust your entryways or upgrade them to meet your company's needs.



 Today's cars, trucks, and motorcycles have stepped up their security by using high security mechanical keys and RFID technology.  We do cut many varieties of mechanical keys and program the majority of keys and remotes. As time goes by and that technology expands to our area, we will equip our shop and vehicle with that equipment. 

High Security

 The term "High Security" covers a vast number of ways to protect your home and business.  We can take most every day, normal locks and make them much harder to pick or bypass. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Using specially designed and engineered locks can make bypassing a lock almost impossible. Also, we can install electronic access control systems for your entire complex or just one door.  Contact us to help you with your needs.

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